Air compressor filters – Atlas Copco Ceccato

Air compressor filters – Atlas Copco Ceccato

Ceccato –  Air filters. Tiny particles with a big impact. Dust and other pollutants may be microscopically small, but they are the biggest cause of premature element failure. The air filter is the only thing that keeps these contaminants from entering your compressor.

Original filters and separators keep the integrity of your equipment intact, protecting it from premature wear and failure.

  • High protection: High-quality filtration and separation protects component lifetime and air quality.
  • High reliability: Designed for the demanding operating conditions of a compressor.
  • Energy efficiency: Low pressure drop is key to minimize energy consumption.
  • Original compressor filters and separators: Always use original filters and separators for optimal protection and performance of your equipment.
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  • Efficient filtration thanks to high quality filter material
  • Efficient sealing
  • Designed for your equipment
  • Capable to withstand compressor working conditions
  • Minimal pressure drop thanks to optimized flow design


  • Reliable operation
  • Long service life
  • Long equipment lifetime
  • System integrity
  • Long service life
  • Lower energy cost
  • An additional pressure drop of 25 mbar at the air filter will reduce the compressor air output with 2%. This can lead to an extra energy cost equaling 5% of the price of your compressor on a yearly basis.

Why original air filters are better?

  • Original air filters are built for the specific operating conditions of your compressor, protecting your equipment while maintaining high energy efficiency.
  • The large surface area of the filter material prevents it from clogging and shortening the service interval. When it absorbs water, its pore size and filtration efficiency remain intact.
  • Choosing original air filters will result in significant long-term savings, far outweighing the minor cost reduction of buying inferior generic parts.