Travaini – BORA

Travaini – BORA

Positive displacement blower. The gear toothed wheels that allow the rotors and their bearings to rotate are lubricated with oil and are inside two compartments (separated from the rotor rotation chamber by means of gaskets) and they function as a tank for the lubricating oil.

  • During operation they are at the same pressure of the pump work chamber.
  • For this reason it is forbidden to open the oil filler and drain plugs during operation or until the atmospheric pressure has not been restored inside the pump.

Models: 73 / 103 / 163 / 233 /293 / 353 / 463 / 673


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  • Max. Capacity: to 3000 m3/h.
  • Max. Pressure: 1 bar(g)
  • Temperature Range: 12 to 40 ° C