Wright Flow – giải pháp cho dòng bơm cánh khế

Wright Flow – giải pháp cho dòng bơm cánh khế

About Wright Flow Technologies

Wright Flow Technologies is a global hygienic pump solutions company with sales and service support across the world. For challenges in fluid handling, Wright Flow has the pumps, parts, accessories, service and training resources for your processing needs.

From the beginning, Wright Flow has been focused and grown around innovation and quality.

In 1977 Johnson Pumps and Evridge Engineering formed Evro Johnson Pumps Ltd to produce a positive displacement range of lobe pumps and then in 1983 they moved to their present day location in Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK. With development in the company’s research, development and manufacturing resources in 1989, the company was renamed Johnson Pump (UK) Ltd. In 1992 IDEX Corporation acquired Johnson Pump (UK) Ltd as a division of Viking Pump, Inc.

Wright Pump, Inc. was founded in 1996 in Muskego, Wisconsin, USA. Its manufacturing capability included its own foundry to pour non-galling “808” stainless alloy, critical to the close-clearance operation required of circumferential piston pumps. In late 2005, Wright Pump extended its hygienic product line through the addition of a new family of ultra-pure centrifugal pumps for use in the hygienic, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries.

In 2008, the circumferential piston, lobe, and centrifugal divisions merged into one organization, under the name Wright Flow Technologies. Wright Flow Technologies is dedicated to solving the pumping problems of food, beverage, biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide and offers engineering, application support, quality and customer services from its main facilities in Cedar Falls, Iowa (USA), Eastbourne, East Sussex (UK), and Suzhou, China.


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