The Revolution™ is the first true CIP (Clean in Place) Hybrid Circumferential Piston & Lobe Pump and delivers increased product yield, increased lifetime of components, reduced maintenance costs, with outstanding CIP cleanability and higher standards of hygiene.

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Ease of Maintenance

  • Fast, front loading seal changes while pump is still in-line
  • Easy access shimming for setting rotor clearance


  • Improved volumetric efficiency in low & high viscosity applications
  • Enhanced front cover design eliminates dead zones


  • Efficient CIP (clean-in-place) ability is standard for all Revolution pumps
  • Stainless steel bearing retainers & foot*

*Stainless bearing retainers & foot available as standard on models 150-1300.


Capacity: up to 190 m³/h / 836 USGPM
Pressure: up to 31 BAR / 450 PSI
Viscosity: up to 440,000 cSt / 2,000,000 SSU
Temperature: up to 150°C / 300°F